How to Write a College Application Essay

The truth is every student wants to write the best college essay. However, not many know how to go about it. But come to think about it. With the internet and so many essay samples on the cyberspace, wouldn’t it make sense to say anyone can craft the best academic essay? Well, from an expert point of view, we would say, not everything you find on the web is legit advice. While there are sites that will walk you through steps to writing scholastic essay writing guidelines, be wary not to fall prey to anything.

This post should help you become an expert at writing college application essay, so read on for details.

The first step: understand the essay prompts

One of the biggest mistakes students make when they write my college essay is rushing to the main task. While you must craft the best paper, understanding instructions underscore the key to securing a place in your college of choice through application essay. Crafting college application essays comes with excitement and getting lost into high expectation is easy.

Thus, take your time going through application essay guidelines, including the university programs, mission statement and rules of submission. Most importantly, take note of vital instructions that will contribute to the success of writing a college application essay.

Emphasize a powerful introduction

Given that a college/university to which you are applying for placement will receive thousands of essays, focus on captivating attention of the admission board. It means, with a powerful introduction, you will not only have won the attention of whoever will read your essay but also secured a place in the hearts of panel members. Most importantly, powerful introductions make it easy for the admission board to select ideal candidates without having to read between the lines of every sentence and paragraph.

Your writing voice is important

People are unique in their own right, and when it comes to writing essays, the differences are clear cut. Great writers and poets like Maya Angelou and Stephen King have a voice. You can easily recognize a piece written by a favourite author without even looking up for the name on the book cover. While it may not be the case when writing a college application essay, it provides you with an opportunity to communicate about your personality. The voice with which you write a college admission essay should communicate your personality. It will remain part of you, especially if you secure a place.

Steer clear of clichés and work with a good writing plan

Finally, avoid high school clichés. They do not have a place in college writing. Most importantly, demonstrate that you have a good writing plan in place. Your essay should flow from one point to the next, especially if you want to win the attention of would-be readers.

There are many approaches to writing winning college application essays. However, this brief but sure-fire guide you help you secure a golden chance to study in a higher learning institution of choice.

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