18 Essential History Essay Topics

As one of the most interesting academic subjects in the entire world, history is a popular discipline for essay writing. Students will need to start studying the subject as early as middle school and their experience with it can go all the way through post-graduate school. We’ve got a list of excellent topics from the dissertation consulting services:

  1. What kind of impact did Malcolm X and MLK’s collected speeches have in the Civil Rights Movement after the 1960s?
  2. How important is the Battle of Hastings to English History and why does it have such a prominent position in today’s politics?
  3. What role did the Industrial Revolution of the 19th Century have in establishing or developing global economic policies in the U.S.?
  4. What impact have professional sports had in American culture? Do people really value professional athletes more so than the Blue Collar American Worker?
  5. What impact did the United States’ victory at the Midway have on the outcome of WWII? What would the U.S. have had to do if it lost this naval battle?
  6. How did the economies in Europe change at the end of the Second World War? Have they remained constant or have they changed as a result of global economies?
  7. What have been the global consequences of the Cold War between the U.S.S.R and the U.S.? Are other countries in line for a similar type of war?
  8. The sexual revolution in the 1960s helped bridge gaps between the United States and England. What specifically helped bring the two allies to see each other eye-to-eye?
  9. How did African Countries gain their independence and enter the global political arena as important geographical and economic entities?
  10. How have relationships changed between Great Britain and India in the last three-quarters of a century as a result of the latter country gaining independence in 1947?
  11. How does the political, social, and economic power of the Pope differ in the middle ages than the same power he holds in the international community today?
  12. Why did the United States’ southern states wait so long to abolish slavery despite the shift in this moral issue around the world?
  13. Discuss the similarities and differences between the Christian Crusades of the middle ages and after with the Muslim Jihadi movements of the last century.
  14. In what ways did the Holy Roman Empire affect the world’s political and geography in the centuries that followed and into modern times?
  15. How did the American Revolution play a prominent role in the development of identity in early American society? What, if anything, has remained from the beliefs and values of this period?
  16. In what ways did the tenets of Socialism and Communism influence the world? What are the major differences between the two that create such a divide between them?
  17. How important where athletic competitions in Ancient Greece and Rome? Do the values that these sports instilled in athletes still affect sports today?
  18. Discuss the differences in sea trade routes from the 1800s, 1900s, and 2000s. How are these affected by the technology and environmental pattern that exists today?

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